Men’s Sheds Crawley

Fast forward to February 2018, we discovered a brilliant organisation called “Men’s Shed Crawley” The idea which originally started in Australia in 2006 aims to provide support to men who may have recently retired, carers, widowers and those who might prefer to share and learn skills to take part in meaningful and productive projects. This includes, gardening, woodwork and other… More →

Repaint Time!

We all knew how important it was to get Danny out of his “butterfly” livery and to look more professional and grown up! But having a double deck bus painted is not cheap! Our chairman Steve buys and sells buses at his day job at Chartwell Bus Sales. Steve has regularly used Mardens Commercials of Benfleet to paint buses that… More →

The History of Danny:

Danny is an MCW Metrobus this model was built in Birmingham between 1979 and 1989 during this period over 4,000 buses were built. Our bus B178 WUL was one of 1440 purchased by London Transport between 1978 and 1985 it was given fleet number M1178 and joined LT in February 1985. During Dannys 17 years in London he worked from,… More →

The Master Plan!

The plan for the interior is to have a small galley kitchen downstairs, where we can provide hot drinks and food for the homeless folk. The rest of the lower deck will have a large table where folk can eat and chat or watch TV. On the top deck there will be individual sleep “pods” with a self contained area… More →