Update – January 2019

We are pleased to tell you that due to the extreme cold weather we have been asked by Crawley Open House and Crawley Borough Council to assist them in keeping homeless folk safe by lending “Danny” to them for three months. As from next Monday the bus will be parked behind Crawley Town Hall as an annex to the emergency accommodation they already have, thereby offering a warm and safe environment for up to 12 guests. We have reached an agreement with our project partners that any former service personnel¬† who need a hand up will be guaranteed accommodation 24/7 either on the bus or elsewhere.We are very pleased to be able to help and were told at a meeting yesterday, in no uncertain terms sleeping in the bus rather than outside could literally save a life. A recent report from Shelter states than deaths within the homeless communities has increased by 24% over the last 5 years and in the South¬†East homelessness has risen by 261% since 2010. We are therefore humbled that our bus is going to be so well used over the coming months, heartfelt thanks to all who have made our dream a reality.